If you’re trying to keep the kiddos entertained outdoors this summer, a game of tag is the way to go! But there’s a million varieties of tag games out there, so here are the rules to a few of our Star Bright Surrey Daycare favorites:

Reverse Tag

Turn around the traditional tag rules! The person who is it runs away from the rest of the group – and the first person to tag whoever’s it becomes it!

Freeze Tag

A classic interpretation of the game of tag. If you get tagged, you’re frozen! You can only be unfrozen by a teammate! If the person who is it gets everyone frozen, they win!

Hospital Tag

If you get tagged in the arm, you can’t use it! The leg? Start hopping on one leg! You can also be revived by players on your team!

TV Tag

If you’re in danger of being tagged, you can shout out the name of a movie or TV character to earn yourself ten seconds of immunity! Also play this game with cartoon characters, super heroes, types of toys, dinosaurs – anything!

Pair Tag

If you link arms with a teammate, you’re safe! However, if a third person tries to link arms with a preexisting pair, the teammate on the opposite end has to detach and run away!

Everyone’s It Tag

Once you get tagged, you’re also it! The last kiddo standing is the winner!

And trust me, there’s plenty more tag games out there – and several variations on the games listed here. Have fun making up your own rules, and remember to get out there and play this summer!

Star Bright Day Care wishes you a happy Surrey Summer!