In our previous blog, we talked about what you can do to help your infant develop patterns for speech and literacy. There is a certain amount of literacy teachers hope a child to know when walking through the door on the first day of Kindergarten. You can help your child get started with these helpful steps to help them have a good foundation on that first day.

One step, no matter the age of the child is to build learning or spend time working with the child on letters and words. This will help them develop habits and learn information they will need once they enter school. A school day is full of routine which is good for a child’s development and their expectations.

From one to two years, your child may start pointing at the pictures out of curiosity and repetition. This too will become a foundation for their learning. Taking the time to share books with your child will translate into the world around him or her in learning colors, numbers and letters.

From two years to three years old, continue to read. Fit reading into your daily routine, first thing in the morning or last thing before bed. When reading to them before bed, it can offer a time of quiet activity before bed that will help them settle down from the stimulus of the day.

If you are looking for a daycare near your Surrey home, you may want to ask about how they integrate routine and literacy into their day. Starbright Daycare offers a routine for the kids in our programs, be it preschool or an afterschool program. You can start getting them ready for preschool and school from a very young age through reading and literacy. When your child is old enough to enter our program, contact our office and we can schedule a tour and have you fill out an application.