The love of reading and literacy can begin at a very early age. If you’re looking to the future, when your child is preschool aged to find a great Surrey daycare close by that works with your child where they are developmentally to get them ready for school, helping them starting at birth, will only get them ready for learning in an educational setting.

When the written word is distilled into the life of a child starting as early as at infancy, the brain will begin to make the connections before there is evidence of them being able to read the words off the page or speak intelligibly.

Children are never too young to start learning. They listen well when they aren’t talking, so you can start reading to the child at birth if you would like. Read what you enjoy, literature, the newspaper or a child’s book. Listening to you speak will help to them to pick up vocabulary and speak later.

Around 6 months to one year, you may want to move on to the more tactile books, rather than newsprint. You may find your child pulling whatever you have in your hands into their mouths. There are books that have sensory as part of the focus for this age and a little older.

Within the first year, there are many activities you can do with your infant to help their brain development and get them ready for learning in their toddler years. Once they’re of preschool age, contact us at Starbright Daycare for more information. We are happily taking applications for new entries. We look forward to partnering with you to teach your child/ren through their early years.