Neena Nair

My name is Neena Nair. I have been an early childhood educator for 30 years. I am married and have three children of my own. I am very passionate about educating young children. I feel great pride when I see children achieving their goals and progressing socially, emotional and intellectually. My commitment to childcare includes engaging in continual research and learning to individualize the learning experience.

Guri Atwal

My name is Gurwinder Atwal and I was a student at Vancouver Career College. My childhood dream to become a teacher was realized on completion of the early childhood education program. I love working with children. Two years ago, I joined Starbright Daycare and was amazed by the amount of love and support that is found in this wonderful daycare. I am blessed and thankful for the opportunity to work in an environment that challenges children intellectually and builds their confidence. My time at Starbright Educare Daycare over the last two years has reiterated the importance in engaging children’s intellect early on. I look forward to working with your children.


My name is Lisa Park. I am a graduate of Vancouver Career College and am a mother of two wonderful children. During my second maternity leave, I motivated myself to go back to school so that I could obtain the knowledge and skills to put my children on the right path intellectually. I  very quickly fell in love with the early childhood education program at my school. My education strengthened my beliefs in teaching children at an early age and brought about an interest in changing my profession to early childhood education. As I watch my own children grow older, I realize that it is crucial to make sure that children become independent and responsible early in their lives because they are going to need those traits to succeed in the future. I take pride in guiding children as they explore the world. I strongly believe that children should be taught “how to think‎", “not what to think ". It is exciting to know that I will be spending my days helping children develop the skills necessary to move forward in life. I thank all the parents at Starbright Educare Daycare for giving me the opportunity to work with their children. I will make sure that I spend my working hours trying to make an impact and difference in the life of every child.


My name is Noorzia Sakhi. I am a mother of four children. I have worked at Starbright Educare Daycare for the last 14 years. I enjoy working with children of all ages and from diverse backgrounds. I have learnt as much from the children as I have taught. I look forward to coming to work every day, as working with children gives me great joy. I see the children grow and learn new skills every day and I take pride in assisting them in their success and their challenges. I truly cannot see myself doing anything else.  Working with children is both a fulfilling and a rewarding career.

Nazlin Rajani

My name is Nazlin Rajani and I am the owner and manager of Starbright Educare Daycare. I have worked as an early childhood educator since 1988. I enjoy teaching and learning from my Starbright children. I especially enjoy those light bulb moments and take great pleasure in the smiles that light up as understanding dawns. I have had the greatest pleasure and joy being a part of a great number of children's lives as they grew up in front of my eyes from toddlers to 12 years of age. Nothing compares to the pride in watching these children leave for high school and beyond armed with great confidence and many skills. Many of our students have come back to visit as young men and women who are attending universities and colleges or have already started a career of their own. I look forward to many more rewarding years in this field and in working with many bright new faces at Starbright Educare Daycare.