I was very impressed with the level of care.

My son attended Starbright Educare from 2006 till 2010. I have to say I was very impressed with the level of care he received at starbright educare. The facility itself is spacious and conveniently located. The outdoor playground is well equipped and secure.

What really impressed me was the headstart he got before entering kindergarden.Starbright”s educare curriculum prepared him for kindergarden. My son did very well in kindergarden both academically and socially. He continues to do well academically and socially today having received honnor roll status and other awards today at his grade 7 graduation. I always felt that my son was in a safe, secure, and in a caring environment-so much so that when we had another child, he too attended Starbright Educare. Our younger son will be attending Starbright Educare This fall 2013.

Staff turn over is one indication of happy staff and a well run business. A major factor in sending both my children to Starbright Educare was the fact that the core staff have been there for many years. They were there before I sent my my older son to Starbright
and they are still employed by Starbright today.

I would have no problem recommending Starbright to anyone looking to choose a well-run, safe, secure child care facility for their child.

David Duncan