You have a preschooler and aren’t quite sure of the developmental stages for 3 to 5 years old. You were able to keep up with the previous developmental stages, through books like What to Expect The First Year until you found a job and your child went into preschool. After finding a great daycare in Surrey, BC, conveniently close to your work, you spoke with the daycare provider, hoping your child was on track. Here are some guidelines for developmental guides for the stage of functioning and thinking.

Physically, they should be able to climb well, run well and pedal a tricycle without trouble. Their motor skills should allow them to walk up and down stairs alternating their feet, instead of only using the same foot. They should be able, also, to bend over without falling.

Socially, you will notice that they are starting to interact and show affection with others during play. They are starting to imitate peers and adults. During game time, they can take turns.

Their cognitive thinking allows them to work mechanical toys and puzzles with a low number of pieces. Make believe is a fun game for 3-5 year olds. They are starting to sort and match objects by color and shape, and they can also understand the concept of “two”.

You see some or all of these qualities in your child, and you have confidence in the daycare’s strategies to strengthen and build upon the kid’s skills for physical, social and cognitive development in your child. Starbright Daycare in Surrey, BC offers preschool for students and works to develop the whole child, not just the social skills.