Make sure the daycare facility you choose in Surrey is going to be high-quality and safe for your child/ren. What factors make a good daycare center? Here are a few characteristics to look for when visiting and interviewing daycare centers.

Ask the director for the certification and training for the teachers. In addition to the daycare being certified through the government, there should be an understanding from all the teachers of child development. Most centers offer regular trainings for the employees.

Find a place where employees are treated well. Daycare isn’t the highest paying profession. It can also be a stressful job. Unfortunately, both of these can result in high turnover rates. However, if a daycare facility offers employees other benefits and has a happy culture, employees are more likely to stick around and enjoy what they do. When the employees enjoy taking care of children, the environment will be much more positive.

Look for a facility that is clean. Kids carry germs and have a tendency to love sharing those germs. So, finding a facility where the employees clean throughout the day and it is cleaned after close is important to reducing the amount of germs shared.

Look for good curriculum at all ages. Babies start learning from day one. Even infants can benefit from socialization and interaction. A good daycare center will have a schedule appropriate for their level of development at all ages.

How do the teachers interact and respond to the kids? Do they seem 100% involved or are they only passively listening and responding? This will tell you a lot about how the teacher feels about their job and the environment they work in. A good daycare will have teachers who actively engage all the kids in the room.

Above all, trust your intuition or that gut level feeling.