1. Fun Tag Games to Enjoy in Summer!

    If you’re trying to keep the kiddos entertained outdoors this summer, a game of tag is the way to go! But there’s a million varieties of tag games out there, so here are the rules to a few of our Star Bright Surrey Daycare favorites: Reverse Tag Turn around the traditional tag rules! The person who is it runs away from the rest of the group - and the first person to tag whoever’s it becomes …Read More

  2. What Qualifies as a High Quality Surrey Daycare?

    Daycare facilities have been around for years. While not all Surrey daycare facilities are created equally, there are some things to look for to find a facility that is right for you family. Here are a few tips for finding the facility. The environment is clean and sanitised, looking well put together in appearance. It is also childproofed, no little items children can choke on or sharp items they…Read More

  3. Help your Toddler Learn Before School Age

    In our previous blog, we talked about what you can do to help your infant develop patterns for speech and literacy. There is a certain amount of literacy teachers hope a child to know when walking through the door on the first day of Kindergarten. You can help your child get started with these helpful steps to help them have a good foundation on that first day. One step, no matter the age of the c…Read More

  4. Empowering Children

    Empowering children is essential to their future success and by being parents, guardians and educators this task is left up to us. Confident children with great self-esteem tend to be more able to handle day-to-day situations, are less likely to be bullied in school, will be the first to take the initiative and volunteer to take part in activities, and tend not to hesitate to raise questions when …Read More

  5. Helping Develop Early Literacy in your Children

    The love of reading and literacy can begin at a very early age. If you’re looking to the future, when your child is preschool aged to find a great Surrey daycare close by that works with your child where they are developmentally to get them ready for school, helping them starting at birth, will only get them ready for learning in an educational setting. When the written word is distilled into th…Read More

  6. The Development of Preschoolers and your Confidence in Starbright Daycare

    You have a preschooler and aren’t quite sure of the developmental stages for 3 to 5 years old. You were able to keep up with the previous developmental stages, through books like What to Expect The First Year until you found a job and your child went into preschool. After finding a great daycare in Surrey, BC, conveniently close to your work, you spoke with the daycare provider, hoping your chil…Read More

  7. What Makes a Good Daycare Center?

    Make sure the daycare facility you choose in Surrey is going to be high-quality and safe for your child/ren. What factors make a good daycare center? Here are a few characteristics to look for when visiting and interviewing daycare centers. Ask the director for the certification and training for the teachers. In addition to the daycare being certified through the government, there should be an und…Read More

  8. Christmas Blog

    Happy Holidays! The holidays are challenging time of the year for parents who are searching for a reasonably priced gift that their child will adore. Sometimes it is possible, and at other times it is not. When I ask the children how their Christmas was, what they talk about most is how they spent their holidays and what they did with their families. Gifts get a cursory reference. So I suggest to …Read More

  9. News: Parents please read!

    Seasons Greetings! The center will be closed for the holidays on the following dates: Wednesday, December 24th 2014 - Christmas Eve Thursday, December 25th 2014 - Christmas Day Friday, December 26th 2014 - Boxing Day Wednesday, December 31st 2014 - New Year's Eve Thursday, January 1st 2015 - New Year's Day   The staff at Starbright Daycare would like to wish everyone a heartfelt Happy Holiday…Read More

  10. Christmas Play & Santa Visit

    Seasons Greetings! Our annual Winter Play is quickly approaching! This year the play is "Hansel and Gretel" and all the children have been working hard to prepare for this memorable night. The night will be celebrated with the annual play followed by Christmas carols and a special early visit from Santa who will be coming down to join in the festivities!  Please join us for the Christmas Play and…Read More