Daycare facilities have been around for years. While not all Surrey daycare facilities are created equally, there are some things to look for to find a facility that is right for you family. Here are a few tips for finding the facility.

  • The environment is clean and sanitised, looking well put together in appearance. It is also childproofed, no little items children can choke on or sharp items they can hurt themselves on.
  • The care providers listen to the children. They take the time to observe, interpret and understand each child’s verbal and nonverbal communication. Each child is treated as an individual that is valued. You’ll be able to see that by the way they pay attention to the children and don’t stand around chatting with the other adults.
  • The good care provider can attend to more than one child at a time with ease. While one child may have the care provider’s touch, a hand on the arm or head to show the child they are there with immediacy, he or she can give instructions or help another learn what they need.
  • The caregiver is respectful toward the children. Attitudes toward children have long been that children don’t have the right to be respected. One old saying is “children should be seen and not heard.” This can be translated into a lack of attention toward the children. The caregivers listening to and considering their feelings shows they  are respectful.
  • The children are safe and secure and this shows through their emotions and their physical environment. This will show through an uncluttered rooms. There won’t be any safety hazards, like uncovered plug outlets or cleaners within the reach or access of children.